Financial planning for seniors
Understanding Your Long-Term Care Insurance Policy: Elimination Periods and Daily Benefits

At Boca Home Care Services, we serve numerous clients with long-term care insurance policies, which often provide coverage for personal care and household assistance following a fall, accident, illness or surgery. Clients often call us in need of support upon returning home from hospitalization or a rehabilitation stay, a stressful and busy time to pull […]

Learning to use crutches
How to Successfully Transition from Hospital to Home

Hospital readmissions are not only a significant burden on the healthcare system, but are a physical and emotional drain on the patient, often resulting in worse outcomes than had the need for the second visit been avoided altogether. Home health care services, including those provided by both Medicare agencies and private duty companies, can help […]

Senior with cane
Boca Home Care Services Success Story: Mrs. H – A Comprehensive Care Journey

Boca Home Care Services is dedicated to providing personalized home care assistance for seniors who need extra help with daily activities. We refer compassionate and experienced nurses and aides who are dedicated to caring for seniors at home, ensuring our clients can safely maintain their independence and comfort. One such success story is that of […]

Stimulation for seniors with dementia
Shining a Light on Dementia Prevention

Dementia is an overarching term referring to a variety of brain diseases that impact cognitive abilities and cause challenges in understanding and memory retention. As individuals age, their cognitive abilities may naturally decline, but for those with dementia, these effects are accelerated, significantly impacting daily functioning. Symptoms and Causes of Dementia Dementia can manifest as […]

Seniors maintaining independence
Maintaining Independence with Home Care Assistance: A Sensible Decision for Recovery and Well-being

A common sentiment we often hear is the desire for oneself or one’s parents to maintain their independence. Providing at-home care for seniors recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with a chronic, degenerative condition, is not only an act of kindness but also a sensible decision to ensure their safety and independence at […]