Respite care for seniors at home
What is Respite Care?

When beginning to care for an aging parent, many adult children believe they can do it all. They may recently be empty nesters or recent retirees themselves, and feel they can throw themselves into caregiving nearly full-time. With the best intentions of keeping their elderly parents comfortable in their own homes instead of in an […]

Home Health Aide medication reminder
Choosing the Right Home Health Aide

If you’ve made the important decision that you or your loved one needs some help around the house, the next step is figuring out how to find a talented, dedicated and compassionate home health aide whose personality will mesh well with their patient’s. For a number of reasons, we always advise potential clients and their […]

Daughter taking care of Dad
Managing Family Caregiver Stress

Boca Home Care Services often collaborates with families in which an adult child or supportive spouse takes on the role of primary caregiver for their ailing loved one. The challenge of caring for aging parents and partners, especially those with physical or cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, can generate significant stress. An honest assessment […]