Respite care for seniors at home
What is Respite Care?

When beginning to care for an aging parent, many adult children believe they can do it all. They may recently be empty nesters or recent retirees themselves, and feel they can throw themselves into caregiving nearly full-time. With the best intentions of keeping their elderly parents comfortable in their own homes instead of in an […]

Elder care nurse
Who’s Who in Elder Care and Home Health Services

The journey of aging gracefully extends beyond the consultation rooms of primary physicians and specialists. Indeed, it often requires a harmonious orchestra of professionals to ensure older adults maintain their safety and independence at home. With foresight, this transition can also prepare for the possibility that they may need additional support in the future. In […]

Grocery shopping with senior citizen
More than Just Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

The need for personal home care assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting and feeding, often leads seniors or their family members to seek the support of home health aide services. Boca Home Care Services specializes in senior in-home care by matching clients with experienced and compassionate caregivers, who […]

Financial planning for seniors
Understanding Your Long-Term Care Insurance Policy: Elimination Periods and Daily Benefits

At Boca Home Care Services, Inc., we serve numerous clients with long-term Care Insurance policies, which often provide coverage for personal care and household assistance following a fall, accident, illness, or surgery. Clients may need this support upon returning home from hospitalization or a rehabilitation stay, making it a stressful and busy time coordinating care […]

Home health aide with client
Long-term Care Insurers, Nurse Registries and the State of Florida

Nurse Registries across the U.S. offer various levels of home care to seniors, ranging from basic companion services to hands-on personal home care assistance. In Florida, nurse registries have become the dominant model for referring experienced and certified Home Health Aides or Certified Nurse Assistants for companionship, driving, homemaking, and assistance with personal care tasks […]