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Sometimes a loved one’s health journey takes them through a hospital admission, a stay at a rehab facility or to live in an assisted living environment.

While the care provided in one of these settings is undoubtedly well-intentioned, staffing ratios and shortages can leave the personalized attention your family member is receiving quite a bit lacking.

That’s where a home health aide or certified nursing assistant referred by Boca Home Care Services can come in. A private caregiver can supplement the facility’s care, providing companionship, comfort and advocacy on any schedule.

Caregivers can also remain on service with a client when they return home, assisting with grocery shopping, aiding with personal care, and helping them maintain recommended medication and exercise routines.

We Have Helped Clients at Most of the Region’s Hospitals, Rehab Facilities and Assisted Living Communities:

Palm Beach County

Broward County

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