Seniors maintaining independence

A common sentiment we often hear is the desire for oneself or one’s parents to maintain their independence. Providing at-home care for seniors recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with a chronic, degenerative condition, is not only an act of kindness but also a sensible decision to ensure their safety and independence at home.

An independent person makes their own decisions, plans, and uses their judgment and resources. Needing help, especially for a physical condition, doesn’t strip away one’s independence.

For example, when a person with a broken leg uses crutches, they remain independent; they simply need crutches and some help at home. As our loved ones age, daily tasks like laundry, shopping, carrying groceries, cooking or even making the bed can become more challenging. If they have an unsteady gait, start to fall, experience worsening arthritis or develop other physical or cognitive impairments, their safety, well-being and quality of life may be at risk if they continue to do these things.

Here are eight ways in which in-home care services can enhance one’s independence:

1. Home health care or personal care (bathing, grooming, or dressing) after surgery or illness leads to better hygiene as well as reduced fall and infection risks.

2. Assistance with shopping and cooking promotes better nutrition and overall health.

3. Transportation helps improve safety and encourages socialization by allowing for engagement in activities or visits to restaurants.

4. Companion care for a few hours a day alleviates loneliness and the risk of depression.

5. In-home help with household chores, such as laundry, linen changes, and closet cleaning, minimizes fall risks and maintains a clean environment.

6. Support for a spouse with dementia provides the primary caregiver time to rest and recharge.

7. Respite care allows the primary caregiver to prioritize their own well-being and attend to other responsibilities.

8. A professional caregiver enables a more travel-ready spouse to attend out-of-town family events, ensuring at least one parent or grandparent is present for milestones like weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays or graduations.

Much like glasses are covered by vision insurance, a home health aide may be available to care for a senior at home for little or no out-of-pocket cost. Boca Home Care Services specializes in assisting long-term care insurance policyholders, contacting insurance providers on clients’ behalf, handling all the paperwork, and helping clients extract the most value from their long-term care insurance policy. For clients without a long-term care policy, we will work with them and their families to determine an affordable and appropriate level of care.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help your loved one maintain their independence. We have resources for guiding families through difficult conversations and are happy to help. Find out why, from Jupiter to Boca Raton, from Deerfield Beach to Weston, we are South Florida’s most trusted home health company.