Meal prep for a senior citizen

Deciding between a private caregiver and home care services from an agency or registry such as Boca Home Care Services is a critical step for those seeking assistance at home for an elderly loved one. Beyond the cost considerations, the responsibilities as a client or employer and potential interactions with long-term care insurance policies are crucial factors to bear in mind.

Occasionally, a client may opt to hire an independent caregiver, enticed by the apparent cost savings. However, as the legal employer, you’ll bear the responsibility for Social Security and other federal taxes, as well as assuming other obligations as a direct employer of a private aide. There are other, non-financial costs involved in hiring directly without the assistance of a home care company. 

A cautionary tale from our files illustrates this dilemma vividly. One of our clients chose to economize their insurance and hired a caregiver recommended by a neighbor independently,  terminating our services. However, just two days later, we received a distressing call from the hospital. The newly hired caregiver was not present when needed, leading to the client attempting a bathroom visit unassisted. The unfortunate result was a severe fall and bruising, thankfully without any broken bones. Nonetheless, the client’s spirit was significantly dampened.

While such incidents could occur even under the best of care, the stark reality was that our client lacked recourse. She couldn’t request a new caregiver, nor could anyone hold the caregiver accountable to a higher standard. In essence, she found herself isolated in her time of need. That very day, she restarted our home nursing care services to ensure her mornings started with one-on-one assistance.

The value of licensed home care services like Boca Home Care Services extends beyond the caregiver-client relationship. Benefits such as backup support for changing schedules, screened and credentialed caregivers, accountability, transparency and hassle-free paperwork are all part of the package. When dealing with incapacitation or the challenges of elderly care, these aspects are well worth the investment. Agencies and registries for elderly home care provide a safety net and peace of mind that private hires cannot guarantee.

Boca Home Care Services specializes in assisting families navigate challenging senior care situations by providing comprehensive, worry-free solutions tailored to your loved one’s needs.

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