Six Steps to Reduce Stress to Calm Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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 We Know about Relaxation and Other Stress Reducing Techniques. The Trick is to Practice and Master them to help Reduce the Stress We have and the Continual Stress of Caregivng. Review Some Basic Tips to Calm Yourself During the Day.

Caregiving is one of the most stressful responsibilities imaginable. You are responsible for the care of another adult who may be in pain, resentful, depressed and uncooperative, all adding to the stress of being a primary caregiver. Even with a hired home care aide, managing the finances, appointments, and your own health add up to a stress filled life.

No secrets here, you’ve heard it before, the trick is to take the time to practice these Stress Reducing Tips daily so they become a part of your routine and the benefits become a part of your life.

• Change your breathing patterns to invite relaxation. Breathe in deeply, hold briefly and then exhale completely.

• Stretch your arms, legs, bend from side to side and stretch your neck to release tension in your body.

• Try Meditation* or Prayer at least once a day. Pick a quiet location, close your eyes and focus your mind. Chant if that helps you to deepen your concentration.

• Consciously decide to eat healthier foods. Add something, a fruit or vegetable to your diet.

• Gain quality sleep. Find a way to sleep or nap regularly.

• Smile, Smile, Smile more often and laugh more.

Give your brain a minute to relax and not take in information. Try a one minute meditation:

Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes.

Concentrate your mind on a safe place- beach, park, cozy bed, and bath – somewhere you feel relaxed.

Count backwards from ten to zero.

As you are counting, focus on the numbers, breathing or your thoughts. Feel the countdown to a more relaxed state.

Remember – practice makes better!