Four Must Have Items when Caring for the Elderly at Home

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For anyone that has taken care of an elderly family member at their home, they know that there are certain items that they just cannot be without.  These items make going through the daily tasks associated with elder care so much easier.  For those who do not currently care for an elder at their home and are unsure of what they will need in order to pull it off, we have broken down the top four items below.

Toilet to Tub Transfer Sliding Bench

Mobility is often a big issue when caring for the elderly, and tasks that may seem easy enough for the able bodied require a considerable amount of effort.  Getting into the tub has never been easier than when using a transfer sliding bench.  With this tool, the person in your care can easily sit down on the toilet and then slide on the plastic seat over to the tub. You can see a full description & images here.

Adjustable Bed for Comfortable Sleeping

Arthritis, Back Pain, and swelling of the legs and feet are all symptoms common among the elderly, but these symptoms can be mitigated, and even avoided by sleeping in an adjustable bed. Studies have shown that sleeping with head, chest, or legs in an elevated position may provide temporary relief from common sleep disorders and ailments such as arthritis, snoring, or even acid reflux. What’s more, most adjustable beds offer heat and massage options that will help anyone sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Seat Cushions and Mattress Pads

Even if the elder in your care is fairly active, there is a good chance that much of their day will be spent seated or laying in bed.  For this reason it is important to make this time as comfortable as possible with some shock absorbing gel cushions.  Seat cushions, especially those filled with gel move with the user and can greatly reduce the effects of bed or pressure sores. Have a few handy at different places in the house.

Fully Stocked First Aid Kit

Never underestimate the usefulness of a first aid kit.  Make sure it has plenty of wraps, bandages and disinfectant ointments.  Having one of these easily accessible from anywhere in the house is a good idea regardless, but becomes even more of a necessity when caring for an elder in your home.  Here is a link to a fully stocked first aid kit, so you can get an idea of what to include.

Caring for an elder in home is a big responsibility, but with the right resources and help at your side, it can be a rewarding experience.