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How Can a Home Care Aide Help a Senior Citizen?

In today’s society, more and more seniors are making efforts to age in place rather than leave their homes to enter a nursing home, assisted living or independent living facility. While aging in place is empowering in many ways, there are some drawbacks to it. Among the most importance of these is the risk it poses to a senior’s safety, since they are typically alone in the home, without family or support available twenty four hours a day. This is among the many reasons a home care aide is so vital.

Home care aide and senior citizenHome health aides visit individuals in their homes and assist them with various activities of daily living. This might include helping a person to bathe, cook a meal, get dressed or remember to take important medications.

While the aide is not a medical provider, assisting them at doctor’s appointments or picking up prescriptions might be additional tasks that the aide can complete. These services are beneficial not only for elderly adults, but also for those with cognitive impairments, physical disabilities or chronic health conditions that might limit their abilities to perform these activities independently.

A home care aide can prove to be a vital link between a senior citizen and their family members. This person proves to be the eyes and ears for those family members, communicating to them any changes in cognitive or physical functioning they might see. This can help a family to continuously assess a senior citizen’s ability to live independently, and it can also provide the family with valuable information to share with doctors and other medical professionals.

In addition to providing assistance with activities of daily living and acting as eyes and ears for the family, home care aids provide a valuable level of company for lonely seniors. When a senior is confined to their home and without company for long periods of time, their mental state can deteriorate quickly due to stress and depression. With the constant presence of an aide, the senior suddenly feels valued, and this can have a significant, positive impact on that individual’s overall health.

Going along with providing company, a home care worker can also assist a senior in planning social activities. This might include making contact with the senior’s place of worship to arrange home visits, planning simple exercise programs to keep the senior active or playing games with them and reading books to them.

Home care continues to increase in popularity and importance as our aging society makes decisions in greater numbers to age in place. Serving the senior population helps to empower these individuals, and it also reduces the costs often associated with nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

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