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Our Plan for a state of the art Personal Emergency Response System  (PERS) for your parent or loved one when home care begins.

We take home safety seriously at Boca Home Care Services. According to national statistics, one in three persons 65 or older will fall. Of those, a third will have their life dramatically altered by that fall. As most falls occur in the home, having a Personal Emergency Medical Response System can provide a sense of security, especially when the person lives alone.

It is not uncommon for an older adult to fall and not be able to pull themselves up unassisted. To avoid being trapped on the floor for hours with a possible injury, the PERS one-touch button (worn around the wrist or as a neck pendant) activates a two-way, high-volume voice call to the monitoring center, where a highly trained professional representative will be able to speak with your parent, assess the situation and help calm them until emergency help arrives.

The Personal Emergency Response System is with your mother or father during the day and night when they are alone. We are pleased to provide this extra confidence to your loved ones and peace of mind to you and your family.

Please call Boca Home Care Services for further details:  877-706-0785 or  561-989-0611