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Often the first question we hear about home health care is; Does Medicare pay for it?” Though Medicare does cover skilled home health care, think medical, private duty home care is paid for either through a Long Term Care (LTC) insurance policy, or it is paid privately by the client and/or family.

We accept all Long Term Care Insurance and will manage the paperwork for you, as a courtesy.


LTC insurance is a specific policy which generally pays for a home health aide (HHA) or certified nursing assistant (CNA) who assists with hands on care such as: bathing, dressing, transferring, feeding and toileting. These five tasks are known as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Although the caregiver performs many other tasks for the patient/client, the insurer usually requires the need for assistance of at least two ADLs.

As with other forms of insurance policies, each individual policy is unique to the policy holder. It depends on the individual features the person has chosen and pays for in the premium. It is not “a one size fits all” coverage.

People tend to buy LTC insurance years before they actually need to use it. Then when the need arises, the particulars of the policy are a little hazy. That is human nature. Therefore, at Boca Home Care Services we conduct a Verification of Benefits with the LTC insurance company for each client. We find out the basics of the individual policy, such as; the triggers, daily benefit, elimination period, riders, waivers, length of policy and so forth. Then we explore further for any additional benefits such as; premium waivers, home safety or care management features, restoration of benefits and the nitty gritty of elimination periods.

Most often we verify the benefits with the insured on the phone with the insurance company and then we review the details with the client as well.

In short, we try to find the best and most cost effective way to set up a home care schedule within the parameters of each person’s policy.  As with all insurance, you hope you won’t need to use it but thank your good foresight in having purchased it!

Currently there are some changes or consolidations occurring in the LTC insurance industry. We work with both the small and large companies.   FYI, a few supplementary policies may have a home care feature, such as AARP. We will explore the policy with you. You may wish to check with your accountant about any tax benefits connected to LTC insurance use.

A sampling of LTC insurers : John Hancock, SHIP, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth, Penn Treaty, UNUM, MetLife, KanawhaMARSH, CNA, Banker’s Life, American Pioneer, TransAmerica  and yours!

Remember, only you can open the claim. It is up to you to gather the dates of a hospitalization, Rehab stay and Medicare home health days to send to your insurer when counting towards an elimination period. Boca Home Care Services will gladly help with the rest!