What is Voluntary Simplicity and How Can You Benefit From it?

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On the surface, this article may seem off-topic, but in reality, it’s right on target. Seniors, as they get older, realize that they’ve accumulated a lot of junk over the years and often recognize the need to downsize their lives and to get in greater touch with the things that truly matter. With age comes wisdom.

Many people today find familiar values and practices are not in their best interests. Voluntary simplicity can provide a better foundation for living.

Voluntary Simplicity And Its Values

Voluntary simplicity is characterized by specific values. One characteristic is the interdependence and interconnection between all systems and inhabitants of the earth. Everything and everyone on earth is connected to each other, and depends on each other.old woman smiling and living the simple life

A second characteristic covers one’s self. A person is meant to be self-reliant, authentic, and autonomous, and possess personal integrity.

A third value is a minimalist lifestyle. A person does not need chaos, clutter, noise, or excessive consumption.

A fourth value is spirituality, mindfulness, and an appreciation for living.

What Are The Benefits Of Voluntary Simplicity?

Individuals who practice these values can develop stronger bonds with their communities and their families. They can enjoy cultural richness. They have less stress and better health. Individuals can have fewer financial worries, promote environmental sustainability, and have an overall sense of well-being.

Simplifying Can Be Easy

It is not possible to completely change your life in one day, but simplifying can be accomplished. You can encourage your family members and friends to participate, too.

One example is to simplify your environment. You can reduce clutter and material possessions. You can also reduce complexity and chaos in your everyday life. You can make environmentally-sustainable choices in entertainment, food, and transportation.

Take holistic approaches to your health. You can have total body-and-mind health when you make all-natural choices for your health.

You can make changes to all the relationships in your life. Compassion, non-violence, and intimacy can improve relationships in your family and in your community.

You can choose an intentional approach to your life, rather than living impulsively. Every thought and decision can be conscious and deliberate.

You can focus on developing every one of your potentials, including the interpersonal, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of your being.

How Voluntary Simplicity Can Work For You

If you are new to simplifying, you do not need to accomplish every value and every practice all at one time. Instead, choose one that interests you, and develop it first. It should not be long before you add more practices, and they become natural parts of your life.

Simplifying works best if you do not do it alone. For the best and most satisfying results, include others in your journey to voluntary simplicity. The individuals may be members of your family, close friends, or your neighbors. You can support and assist each other on the journey, develop stronger relationships, and have a good time.

Why People Appreciate Voluntary Simplicity

Some individuals are tired of consumerism, materialism, or waste. Some individuals are bothered by the clutter and chaos in their lives. Others wonder what it was like in the past when there were fewer worries, or wish they could do something about the damage modern life causes to the environment.

One or more of these examples may describe you. You want better health, happier relationships, a slower-paced life, and to do your part to keep the environment clean. Regardless of your reason, you will appreciate the benefits of simplifying.

A minimalist way of living can be happy, healthy, and fulfilling. When you take steps to voluntary simplicity, you will want to share it with others. Changes in focus and priorities can make your life joyful, and it is even better when people you care about share the journey.

When you embrace voluntary simplicity, you will appreciate the changes for the rest of your life. It is a wonderful journey that you do not need to make alone.

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