The Golden Years Can Enhance Mind and Body

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The passage of time is a mystery, which is something seniors have had time to ponder. seniors playing shuffleboardData shows that one in seven Americans is considered elderly, which is 65 years of age or older. Now, there are a number of people who believe that those who reach a certain age cannot achieve much more in life, but that is not the case. The following should highlight how the elderly prove that age is just a number.

The Positive Elderly Experience

As people age, they go through many changes. There is no denying that some of these changes are not positive.

Skin can get wrinkly and reflexes tend to weaken as time goes by, but there are a few benefits to be thankful for. For example, it is known that wisdom increases and sexual activity seems to improve, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

A Physical Boost

The body may be slowing down, but there are a number of things that may improve with age. It seems that the elderly have fewer colds and migraines. The reason is the body is prepared for sickness. The body has had years of experience with viruses and bacteria. Experience has made your body more efficient, which is the reason why those of a certain age might not get sick often.

It also means that health issues should not last as long as they once did. Keep in mind that these benefits should only be applied to seniors who are healthy and not suffering from an affliction that affects the immune system.

Some people get a toothache from time to time. This could happen because enamel has been reduced. Enamel is a naturally formed layer of minerals that coat the teeth. The layer is there to protect teeth from harm.

The problem is that certain activity can erode this thin layer of protection, such as cavities, brushing too roughly, or even eating acidic foods.

Teeth become sensitive when the enamel is reduced, which is what happens with some people, but older folks may get some relief. It seems like older people grow a little more dentin as they age. This means that teeth are a little more resistant to pain, even if some of the enamel has worn down. It might be okay to enjoy a few scoops of ice cream every now and then.

You should not worry about being around your grandkids when they are a little sick. Now, you are not superhuman or immune to everything. You should still have vaccinations and take other similar precautions. Be sure to keep up with a healthy diet.

Still, an elderly person can enjoy a few more things with additional freedom. Maybe there really is a reason to travel more often when you retire. This is the time when your body can resist sickness better.

On an interesting note, older people have smaller and less sensitive sweat glands. This means that you do not have to worry so much about staining your shirt or blouse as often. That little annoyance is something younger people have to deal with often. Who knows what could be done with that information, but it is a positive change.

Growth of the Mind

One thing that an elderly person will likely hear from time to time is the myth that an older person’s mind might be declining. This is sort of true but only when one is talking about people dealing with issues such as Alzheimer’s or a similar affliction.

People who are healthy can expect something else. A study shows that older people may gain intelligence as they grow older. People’s ability to understand language and solve problems is heightened as they age.

Seniors have also formed ideas, which are clear to them. This helps a person formulate thoughts based on those fundamental thoughts.

This means that you still have the ability to think of something worth while. This might be the best time to write that novel that you have been itching to write, or this could be the right time to take that class you have been talking about for some time.

You should also know that this increased level of understanding also makes older people a little more competitive. No, you will not be attempting to challenge everyone that stands in your way, but it does make you competitive should you be challenged.

This might be a great time to join competitive work forces if you still want to to see how far you are willing to push yourself.

Yes, there are downsides to aging, but people who seem to perpetuate the idea that life diminishes when you age are wrong. As you can see, there is plenty to do and plenty life to live as you hit those golden years.