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Choosing the company which will be introducing a caregiver or aide into your home, or your parents home is a big decision. Here in South Florida, there are a few hundred to choose from. Not all Home Care Companies are alike. Boca Home Care provides some tips from the great questions our callers and clients ask.


In- home complimentary assessment

In- home complimentary assessment

Like any other professional or worker you have into your home, you likely will get their name and number from someone you know. For home care – medical or private duty, a referral from a friend or doctor is a very good starting point.

Using the Internet will bring up pages and pages of companies, see if any match the ones referred to you. Make sure they are LICENSED. Read some TESTIMONIALS. See how long they have been in business – especially in South Florida where companies tend to open and close.

Once you have called a few companies and find that you have a rapport with someone on the phone, ask more questions. Also listen to what they are asking you. They ought to want to know something about you or your aging loved one’s present health condition, any falls, primary physician and what prompted the call NOW.

Important questions to ask when shopping for a Home Care Company.

* Are you licensed, since when?

*Is your company bonded?

* What if I don’t like the aide?

* How are the caregivers screened and credentialed?

*Is there a contract to sign?

*Can I meet and interview caregivers? — usually for longer shifts or live ins.

*Do your caregivers carry insurance?

*What are your hours of operation?

*How do you track the aide’s hours of care?

*What happens if the aide cannot make it or needs time off?

*What does the services include? Exclude?

*Is there a minimum of hours per shift or per week?

*How does the management team supervise a client case?

*Do you offer an in-home assessment?

*What is the process to begin care and how long will it take?




All licensed home care companies in the State of Florida must do FBI level II fingerprinting background checks. All aides must be certified as HHAs – Home Health Aides or CNAs. Certified Nurse Assistants. All companies licensed have similar rules and protocols to follow.

If you phone a home care company and they aren’t forthcoming with information or seem unsure, call another. This service is transparent. The good companies know and follow the rules. The better companies go beyond the rules of their license.