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Activities for Seniors in Palm Beach County, Florida

Pastimes for Seniors in Palm Beach County

Seniors aren’t trying to create an exclusive club when they designate a program for 55+ or even older groups. They are simply aiming to encourage one another to get out, be active, and try something new. It keeps the brain agile and healthy when you try an activity you haven’t participated in before; when you laugh; and when you join community. Why not try some of these interesting and sometimes exciting pastimes?

Traveling with a Crowd

Just about anyone would agree that traveling the world alone is daunting, even if people speak English at your destination. senior-activitesEven a long domestic journey is less comfortable than a trip for two. Traveling is also expensive, even with seniors’ discounts. Consider making the most of group rates and join a tour group heading to just about anywhere. Both Palm Beach County, generally, and Lake Worth, more specifically, run such groups where participants can be sure of finding people in their own age to go with them places.

A coordinator will pick the location based on input from regular members who meet periodically on social media and in person to look at brochures and consider the most senior-friendly places to visit. Groups can split up, too, and base their searches on the physical requirements of traveling with someone in a wheelchair or a sight-impaired individual. For example, some museums and very old buildings have been newly renovated to be more accessible, if only by installing ramps and lifts. For able-bodied individuals, there are few limits. Go where your interests lead you.

One Palm Beach County group is devoted to women. These are widows and divorced individuals; women who never married or whose spouses aren’t as adventurous as they are. They want to do things other women enjoy; let the men get together and play poker while they explore shops, fashion museums, or hike together in the safety of a large group. At any age, women traveling together are always safer.

Some of the most popular destinations for seniors are all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, but seniors also board cruises to Alaska, take bus tours to Reno, and hop on the Rocky Mountaineer through the most beautiful, wooded, mountainous parts of western Canada.

Tai Chi, the Gentle Martial Art

The movements of Tai Chi are taught by a senior instructor in Delray Bora. His is among several groups in the area which focus on Tai Chi and other exercises from the East, including Qijong. These practices are said to promote better balance and breathing. They promote stress relief and support non-medical pain management. Individuals who take part in these groups appreciate the slow, focused movements which, like yoga, flow nicely together in a rhythm. Many seniors find these arts helpful if they suffer from chronic pain and don’t want to be on painkillers or wish to reduce them. Memorizing movements promotes brain health and agility. The positive atmosphere is also wonderful and full of hope. As for Tai Chi, this isn’t just exercise; watching participants move in time to an instructor’s leading is beautiful to watch.


These are located around the Palm Beach County region. A coordinator starts his or her group on social media and invites people to sign up for regular light exercise, lunches, a book club, board games, outings, bowling, or trips to local museums. No one knows the location until he or she signs up and then the address is shown. These meetings might take place in a person’s home or a nice restaurant. Exercise could be cycling or walking, but you only find out more when you sign up. Activities alternate regularly.

Wine Tasting

Wine and food evenings emphasize the wine plus culture and learning, not reckless drinking. Get involved with a classy group at a swanky location, private or commercial. Connoisseurs are encouraged to come and taste varietals from around the country including Florida but also New York, Washington, and California. Explore wines of the world, both red and white, plus fortified varieties and the foods they pair nicely with. Consider the history of wine and the ongoing love affair between cheese and wine. Find out what’s new in the wine-making industry and how chefs find new recipes to pair with Pinot Noir, Riesling, etc. or even cook with them. This casual group meets at different locations regularly which could be someone’s home or a high-end wine bar; always somewhere tasteful. Also, a group in West Palm Beach is not limited to seniors but welcomes them, so if you come along and feel the average age is too low, break off and form a splinter group. Other seniors are sure to feel the same way.

Dance Classes in Lake Worth

If you have rhythm in your soul but never found a place to set it free, Lake Worth offers dance classes in a variety of styles. These are for people who dance socially, not competitively; there is no performance element unless you love to steal the show with your partner. By all means: steal the show on a dance cruise with your spouse, but here the atmosphere is relaxed. Classes focus on Latin dancing. Other dance studios will teach ballroom and line dancing as opposed to steamy salsa. There isn’t an age limit but seniors are attracted to this opportunity to learn the real steps behind what they have done intuitively for many years. Come alone; you won’t be the only one, and you might make a friend or meet that special someone.

Seniors and Yoga in Palm Beach County, Florida

One of the gentlest activities seniors can undertake is yoga. Your fitness level doesn’t matter; just join the Highland Beach group every week. Watch as your agility improves but don’t push yourself to the point where a stretch hurts you. A certified instructor is there to encourage you, talk you through gentle beginners’ yoga poses, and to help you get in and out of poses if need be. Also, she will remind everyone not to try stretching further than is strictly natural. No one should get injured at yoga. Taking part in Yoga, Tai Chi, and other exercises stimulates blood flow and promotes a sense of joy.

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