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Activities for Seniors in Palm Beach County, Florida

Pastimes for Seniors in Palm Beach County

Seniors aren’t trying to create an exclusive club when they designate a program for 55+ or even older groups. They are simply aiming to encourage one another to get out, be active, and try something new. It keeps the brain agile and healthy when you try an activity you haven’t participated in before; when you laugh; and when you join community. Why not try some of these interesting and sometimes exciting pastimes?

Traveling with a Crowd

Just about anyone would agree that traveling the world alone is daunting, even if people speak English at your destination. senior-activitesEven a long domestic journey is less comfortable than a trip for two. Traveling is also expensive, even with seniors’ discounts. Consider making the most of group rates and join a tour group heading to just about anywhere. Both Palm Beach County, generally, and Lake Worth, more specifically, run such groups where participants can be sure of finding people in their own age to go with them places.

A coordinator will pick the location based on input from regular members who meet periodically on social media and in person to look at brochures and consider the most senior-friendly places to visit. Groups can split up, too, and base their searches on the physical requirements of traveling with someone in a wheelchair or a sight-impaired individual. For example, some museums and very old buildings have been newly renovated to be more accessible, if only by installing ramps and lifts. For able-bodied individuals, there are few limits. Go where your interests lead you.

One Palm Beach County group is devoted to women. These are widows and divorced individuals; women who never married or whose spouses aren’t as adventurous as they are. They want to do things other women enjoy; let the men get together and play poker while they explore shops, fashion museums, or hike together in the safety of a large group. At any age, women traveling together are always safer.

Some of the most popular destinations for seniors are all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, but seniors also board cruises to Alaska, take bus tours to Reno, and hop on the Rocky Mountaineer through the most beautiful, wooded, mountainous parts of western Canada.

Tai Chi, the Gentle Martial Art

The movements of Tai Chi are taught by a senior instructor in Delray Bora. His is among several groups in the area which focus on Tai Chi and other exercises from the East, including Qijong. These practices are said to promote better balance and breathing. They promote stress relief and support non-medical pain management. Individuals who take part in these groups appreciate the slow, focused movements which, like yoga, flow nicely together in a rhythm. Many seniors find these arts helpful if they suffer from chronic pain and don’t want to be on painkillers or wish to reduce them. Memorizing movements promotes brain health and agility. The positive atmosphere is also wonderful and full of hope. As for Tai Chi, this isn’t just exercise; watching participants move in time to an instructor’s leading is beautiful to watch.


These are located around the Palm Beach County region. A coordinator starts his or her group on social media and invites people to sign up for regular light exercise, lunches, a book club, board games, outings, bowling, or trips to local museums. No one knows the location until he or she signs up and then the address is shown. These meetings might take place in a person’s home or a nice restaurant. Exercise could be cycling or walking, but you only find out more when you sign up. Activities alternate regularly.

Wine Tasting

Wine and food evenings emphasize the wine plus culture and learning, not reckless drinking. Get involved with a classy group at a swanky location, private or commercial. Connoisseurs are encouraged to come and taste varietals from around the country including Florida but also New York, Washington, and California. Explore wines of the world, both red and white, plus fortified varieties and the foods they pair nicely with. Consider the history of wine and the ongoing love affair between cheese and wine. Find out what’s new in the wine-making industry and how chefs find new recipes to pair with Pinot Noir, Riesling, etc. or even cook with them. This casual group meets at different locations regularly which could be someone’s home or a high-end wine bar; always somewhere tasteful. Also, a group in West Palm Beach is not limited to seniors but welcomes them, so if you come along and feel the average age is too low, break off and form a splinter group. Other seniors are sure to feel the same way.

Dance Classes in Lake Worth

If you have rhythm in your soul but never found a place to set it free, Lake Worth offers dance classes in a variety of styles. These are for people who dance socially, not competitively; there is no performance element unless you love to steal the show with your partner. By all means: steal the show on a dance cruise with your spouse, but here the atmosphere is relaxed. Classes focus on Latin dancing. Other dance studios will teach ballroom and line dancing as opposed to steamy salsa. There isn’t an age limit but seniors are attracted to this opportunity to learn the real steps behind what they have done intuitively for many years. Come alone; you won’t be the only one, and you might make a friend or meet that special someone.

Seniors and Yoga in Palm Beach County, Florida

One of the gentlest activities seniors can undertake is yoga. Your fitness level doesn’t matter; just join the Highland Beach group every week. Watch as your agility improves but don’t push yourself to the point where a stretch hurts you. A certified instructor is there to encourage you, talk you through gentle beginners’ yoga poses, and to help you get in and out of poses if need be. Also, she will remind everyone not to try stretching further than is strictly natural. No one should get injured at yoga. Taking part in Yoga, Tai Chi, and other exercises stimulates blood flow and promotes a sense of joy.

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Home Care Improves the Quality of Life for South Florida Seniors

With more and more seniors choosing to live in their own homes, there can be a considerable amount of worry for a senior’s family. If your senior prefers to age in place, his or her life can be so much better with a home care aide.

A Home Care Aide And Light Housekeeping

elderly man and home care aide at a South Florida  beachWhile most seniors do prefer a neat, clean home, there can be reasons your senior does not do housekeeping chores every day. He may have a medical issue that limits his activity, feel too tired, or simply dislikes the chores.

There can be multiple benefits to his aide performing light housekeeping tasks. When his home is tidy, it will be a safer environment. A clean home is essential for a senior’s health. Neatness is also psychologically beneficial. When his home is neat, he will feel good about his home and about himself.

Making the bed, washing the dishes, and making sure the floors are free from clutter are some of the housekeeping chores your senior will not have to do for himself. He will have a healthier, safer home.

Home Care Aides And Companionship For Seniors

Isolation is unhealthy and potentially dangerous for seniors. Seniors who are lonely are prone to depression. When they have too much time alone, it can lead to unlimited worry about themselves and their lives.

Companionship helps seniors know they are valuable, interesting human beings. If your senior has a concern, he will have someone to talk to about it. Companionship can prevent loneliness. When his aide is always ready to listen, your senior will love talking about himself, his memories, and his interests. These daily interactions can greatly enhance his mental health.

Home Care Aides And Transportation

There may be a number of errands a senior needs to do outside the home. Whether he does not drive or feels uncomfortable riding the bus, his aide can assist with transportation. From grocery shopping to visiting the post office or dry cleaners, it will be a safer, more enjoyable experience.

South Florida Seniors And Activities

Activities are important for a senior’s physical and mental health. When he can share activities with his aide, every activity will be more fun.

Some activities to consider are outings with his aide. In South Florida, there are plenty of opportunities for senior citizens. Whether he enjoys activities that are specially designed for seniors, or prefers to take in a movie, a play, or a ballgame, he will be safer and have more fun when he is with his home care aide. They can visit restaurants, parks, and a wide variety of other places.

There are activities he and his aide can do at home, too. Whether he does not want to go out because it is raining, is too tired to go on an outing, or simply prefers an indoor activity, they can find many options to participate in together. They can do puzzles, have a sing-along, or do some simple exercises. Indoor activities can keep a senior’s mind and memory sharp, and promote good mental health.

Home Care Aides And Medication Reminders

Even the healthiest seniors can forget to take their medications. Your senior may be forgetful, have difficulty reading medication labels, or have trouble counting pills for the correct dosage.

His home care aide will ensure he takes the correct amount of medication at the correct times each day. There will be no risk of him skipping medication when he needs it, or taking too many pills at a time.

A Record Of Your Senior’s Experiences

Home care aides are usually asked to keep records of a senior’s daily activities, experiences, and progress. This information is valuable to the senior’s physician. It can help the doctor know if he should make changes in the senior’s routines, or if he needs to see the senior in person. It can also be useful for the senior’s family members who are concerned about his everyday life.

Home Care Aides Make A Positive Difference For Seniors

Even the healthiest, most independent senior can benefit from a home care aide. An aide will oversee and assist with his activities of daily living, help meet his daily needs, and keep him healthy and safe. His trained, experienced aide knows how to relate well with seniors, and knows how to handle emergencies.

However, the practical aspects of senior care are only one reason home care aides are important. Companionship is as important as housekeeping, transportation, and meals.

Seniors who have aides that come to their homes are happier, mentally sound, and physically healthy. Your senior will know he has someone who truly cares about him, and wants to be a part of his daily life. This can make an amazing difference in his outlook, and he will have a better quality of life.

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Disaster Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

Seniors today are healthier and more independent than ever before. As many older people continue to live in their own homes, seniors and their families need to take special care for disaster preparedness. You can survive an emergency situation, and stay safe and healthy.

Non-Perishable Food And Water

Palm Trees in HurricaneIf you cannot leave home during an emergency, you will need fresh water and food. It is recommended you plan at least one gallon of water per day. Store water in lightweight, sealed containers. You should also purchase a supply of water filter straws.

The food you store can be either MRE’s or individual products. Meals Ready to Eat are available with many different products. They are easy to store, require little to no preparation, and can be stored for years.

If you prefer individual products, choose foods that can be eaten directly from the cans or jars. You may not have access to a stove or microwave. In addition to food for meals, purchase unbreakable containers of juice, and nutritious snacks. Energy bars, protein bars, and granola bars are some examples.

Supplies For Your Health

You can purchase a ready-made First Aid kit. You can add additional supplies to the kit. It should include antiseptic wipes, bandages, band-aids, and similar products.

There are toiletries you need every day. Have a toothbrush and toothpaste, or denture cleaners. Toilet paper, deodorant, and mouthwash are some examples. Check your bathroom to see which products you use daily.

You need your prescription medications, and over the counter medications. Aspirin or non-aspirin pain relievers, cold and flu medication, laxatives, and vitamins are some of the common health supplies to keep in your kit.

Documents And Related Information

You will need copies of your birth certificate, marriage license, proof of rental or home ownership, proof of your bank accounts, and car ownership documents.

You should have emergency information in your wallet at all times. The card should list your emergency contacts, medical conditions you have, and medications you take regularly.

Supplies For Your Home And Car

During an emergency, you need to keep your home clean and your car running. The best cleaning supplies include bleach, other disinfectants, cleaning clothes, and buckets. You can keep a tool kit in your car.

Your cell phone should always be completely charged. If you do not have electricity during an emergency situation, you will need fresh batteries for battery-operated flashlights and radios. Instead of candles or kerosene lamps, have battery-operated lamps in your home.

Supplies For Your Pets

Your pets need to stay healthy and safe, too. When you are storing supplies for yourself, do not forget pet food, medications your pet takes, leashes, collars, and pet toys. You will need your pet’s license, and proof of his vaccinations.

Supplies For Entertainment

While some emergencies can be long-term and serious, a short-term issue such as a power failure is another possibility. When you have reading material, puzzles, or games you can play by yourself, you will be prepared for any situation.

Your Support Network

It is easier to make it through an emergency situation when you are not alone. Even if no one else lives in your home, you can benefit from a support network. This can include your family members, friends, neighbors, and your doctor.

Discuss disaster preparedness with your network in advance. You need to know you can rely on them for help. Keep their names and numbers in your cell phone and in your wallet.

You should also have the name and number of the nearest shelter. In some areas, emergency shelter is provided by the Red Cross. If there is a Red Cross in your town or city, contact them for information. Depending on the situation, you may be able to obtain transportation from your home to a shelter.

An emergency situation can be frightening, especially for seniors who live alone. Disaster preparedness can turn a dangerous situation into an experience that you can manage with little difficulty.

The best approach is to make a checklist of all the necessary supplies. Keep supplies in your home and in your car. Talk to your support network about the precautions you are taking, and you can be ready for any emergency that occurs.

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Interview with Lisa Kaufman, CEO

This is an interview with Lisa Kaufman, CEO of Boca Home Care Services, serving Palm Beach county and Broward county & Miami Home Care Services serving all of Dade county.

http://miamihomecareservices.com – (305) 749-0445
http://www.bocahomecareservices.com – (561) 989-0611


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Palm Beach County Florida – A Retirement Destination For Senior Citizens

Grandfather Enjoying Florida With His Granddaughter

Grandfather & Granddaughter Enjoying Florida

Palm Beach County Florida is among the top when it comes to retirement destinations.  There are many reasons for this choice made by seniors:

  • Warm weather year round
  • Beautiful ocean breezes and palm trees
  • Great healthcare services for senior citizens
  • Senior living communities that cater to the retired and older population
  • Philanthropic and volunteer organizations
  • Clean air
  • Recreational activities that are easy on the body

Florida’s weather is likely the largest draw for senior citizens from the Northern portion of the United States. When given the chance, who wouldn’t want to get out of the bone chilling cold. Younger people adapt to winter weather a little easier than their older counterparts. As we age, we naturally lose our ability to regulate body temperature. Life can seem much easier when we don’t have to bundle up against the winter winds for half of the year. The warm ocean breeze is refreshing, the Florida sun warms your bones, and the palm trees wave provide soothing sounds as you walk beneath their shade.

Although great weather is likely the original reason senior citizens flocked to places like Palm Beach County Florida, soon the community began to recognize that it needed to adapt to the culture of its residents. All kinds of programs created for and by senior citizens began to crop up. Some examples of these are:

  • Silver Alert and ListServ
  • Elder Abuse Prevention Program
  • Nutrition Programs
  • HCE (Home Care for the Elderly)
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Elder Helpline
  • Communities for a Lifetime
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Senior Companion Program
  • RELIEF (Respite for Elders Living in Everyday Families)
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Intergenerational Connections
  • Meals on Wheels
  • The Jewish Senior Resource Center
  • Boca Home Care

Senior citizens of Palm Beach County are fortunate that all of these wonderful services are available to help them with their legal, medical, social and community needs. Not only do they benefit from the services that these organizations offer, but they can also benefit from taking part in these organizations. It is very fulfilling to help your fellow man and these organizations offer the opportunity to do just that.

Taking advantage of the recreational activities in Palm Beach County is another big reason that senior citizens enjoy living here. These activities provide great socialization as well as exercise! The many options for recreation in Palm Beach County include:

  • Amphitheaters
  • Boating
  • Dog Parks
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Special Olympics
  • Picnics
  • Walking Trails

Health care services include preventative, acute, and chronic care in hospitals and clinics like the Health Care District of Palm Beach County and Public Health Care at Palm Beach County Health Department. Personal aide services for in home help like Boca Home Care are a perk of living in Palm Beach County, as well. Home care services provide help with your activities of daily living like personal care, bathing, cooking, and light housework like dusting, sweeping, and straightening up. Your personal home care aide will also run errands for you.

In short, all of these services make Palm Beach County an ideal place for senior citizens to retire.

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