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Healthy Living for Senior Citizens with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition, especially for senior citizens. If you are a senior, you may be worried about how arthritis pain may affect your life. older woman with arthritis tending her gardenSome tips can help you cope with your condition so you can lead a healthier life.

Arthritis And Activity

When arthritis pain is severe, you do not want to move around anymore than necessary. However, there are benefits to activity.

First, when you participate in moderate activity on a regular basis, you will be less likely to experience severe pain. Daily exercise can keep your limbs and joints healthier.

Second, if you do not allow minor pain to prevent activity, you will benefit. Minor pain can become worse when your body is immobile. While you should not overdo activity, avoid staying in bed or on the couch when the discomfort is minor.

To cope with arthritis and avoid unnecessary pain, have a program of moderate daily exercise. If you are unsure of the exercise that is right for you, you can ask your physician or your home health aide for advice or assistance.

Arthritis And Your Diet

Every senior citizen should have a healthy, balanced diet, but this is especially true for seniors who have arthritis.

A useful diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein obtained from eggs and fish. The oil from fish is especially useful. Cold-water fish can reduce stiffness and inflammation.

When you are planning a diet or planning a snack, there are numerous products to avoid. In addition to being unhealthy, they can also increase inflammation. Avoid processed foods, carbonated soft drinks, candy, corn oil, and salty products. If you drink alcohol, arthritis is a good reason to give it up.

Some individuals find their arthritis is aggravated by dairy products. You can experiment to determine if this is true for you. If inflammation and pain worsens after eating or drinking dairy products, ask your doctor to recommend some non-dairy sources of calcium.

The point to keep in mind is to focus your diet on nutrition. When you provide your body with nutrient-rich foods every day, you will be healthier and avoid unnecessary pain.

Coping With Arthritis Through Stress-Reduction

There is a connection between stress and arthritis. If you have a high degree of stress in your life, pain will be more common. There are steps you can take to minimize this risk.

If you are worried or upset, do not hesitate to talk to someone about your concerns. You can find a family member, counselor, or your doctor or aide who is willing to listen and offer constructive feedback.

Stress-reduction techniques are useful, too. A long, warm bath can relieve stress and pain at the same time. Reading is another way to reduce stress.

Talk To Your Doctor

You can discuss natural ways to reduce pain with your personal physician. If you do need to take pain medication, ask about products that produce the least amount of side effects and health risks. Let your doctor know you are interested in a healthy lifestyle during your senior years.

You Can Be Healthy With Arthritis

Arthritis can be difficult to live with, but these tips can help you prevent arthritis from causing you to become disabled. Do not push yourself too hard when you are not feeling well, but make a point of staying active whenever you can.

Your senior years can be healthy, and arthritis does not have to severely impact your life. You can enjoy everyday living and your plans for the years ahead. Your life can be productive and fulfilling, even if you have arthritis.

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Tips For Relieving Arthritis Pain Naturally

Are you currently suffering from arthritis pain? Have you been through all the painkillers on the shelf yet nothing works? Are you interested in trying out natural methods of dealing with arthritis pain? Some of the symptoms of arthritis, a degenerative and painful condition, include stiffness and pain in the joints caused by inflammation. One of the most common types of arthritis is Older Pain-free Woman Sitting On The Beachosteoarthritis. It is usually triggered by wear and tear of the joints as a person ages.

Doctors offer painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to arthritis patients normally. However, there are lots of these medications that have some serious side effects. That’s why most people are turning to more natural ways to help relieve arthritis pain. Try out any of the natural remedies outlined below and see what works for you. It’s prudent to consult your doctor before trying anything out to avoid further complications.

Losing Weight

If you have some extra pounds, you’re likely to experience extra pain from arthritis unlike another individual with lesser weight. The weight puts more pressure on your knees, hips and feet thereby stressing out the joints. Therefore, increase your mobility by losing some weight thereby reducing stress and damage to your joints.

Regular Exercises

Most people imagine that the only benefit of exercising is weight loss. However, there is much more to it than just losing weight. Exercising regularly will help you bring more flexibility to your joints. However, don’t try out weight bearing exercises such as walking or running since the results might be more disastrous than expected. Rather, you should try out simpler exercises such as swimming or water aerobics that allow you to flex your joints accordingly without any further stress.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Both hot and cold treatments can do wonders for your arthritis pain. For instance, in the morning, you should take long, hot showers to reduce the stiffness and pain in your joints. You can also use a heating pad or electric blanket to keep your joints from stiffening at night. On the other hand, cold treatments are perfect for reducing the pain. For instance, you can wrap some frozen vegetables or use an ice pack and apply it to the joints for fast relief.


This is an alternative form of treatment that originates from Ancient China. Here, the acupuncturist inserts very thin needs into specific pressure points of the body. Basically, the whole procedure should restore balance to your body through re-routing energies to different places. There are a few people who have used acupuncture to relieve arthritis pain successfully. If you’re looking to try it out, you should start by looking for a very experienced acupuncturist to avoid further complications.


Meditation allows your body to relax giving your body the chance to fight arthritis pain by reducing stress or coming up with better coping mechanisms. There are a few studies conducted that have revealed that people with arthritis can actually use mediation to find relief for painful joints. People who suffer from arthritis as well as depression are the most likely to benefit from meditation.

Fatty Acids For Your Diet

It’s prudent to add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet for the most perfect health. Try out fish oil supplements that have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids to find relief from arthritis pain as well as joint stiffness. GLA (Gamma-linoleic acid) is yet another fatty acid that can help tremendously. It is found in black currants, primrose, hemp and borage. Before trying these supplements out, you should consult your doctor about it.

There are lots of other natural remedies for arthritis pain such as turmeric, herbal supplements, massages etc.

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