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The Golden Years Can Enhance Mind and Body

The passage of time is a mystery, which is something seniors have had time to ponder. seniors playing shuffleboardData shows that one in seven Americans is considered elderly, which is 65 years of age or older. Now, there are a number of people who believe that those who reach a certain age cannot achieve much more in life, but that is not the case. The following should highlight how the elderly prove that age is just a number.

The Positive Elderly Experience

As people age, they go through many changes. There is no denying that some of these changes are not positive.

Skin can get wrinkly and reflexes tend to weaken as time goes by, but there are a few benefits to be thankful for. For example, it is known that wisdom increases and sexual activity seems to improve, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

A Physical Boost

The body may be slowing down, but there are a number of things that may improve with age. It seems that the elderly have fewer colds and migraines. The reason is the body is prepared for sickness. The body has had years of experience with viruses and bacteria. Experience has made your body more efficient, which is the reason why those of a certain age might not get sick often.

It also means that health issues should not last as long as they once did. Keep in mind that these benefits should only be applied to seniors who are healthy and not suffering from an affliction that affects the immune system.

Some people get a toothache from time to time. This could happen because enamel has been reduced. Enamel is a naturally formed layer of minerals that coat the teeth. The layer is there to protect teeth from harm.

The problem is that certain activity can erode this thin layer of protection, such as cavities, brushing too roughly, or even eating acidic foods.

Teeth become sensitive when the enamel is reduced, which is what happens with some people, but older folks may get some relief. It seems like older people grow a little more dentin as they age. This means that teeth are a little more resistant to pain, even if some of the enamel has worn down. It might be okay to enjoy a few scoops of ice cream every now and then.

You should not worry about being around your grandkids when they are a little sick. Now, you are not superhuman or immune to everything. You should still have vaccinations and take other similar precautions. Be sure to keep up with a healthy diet.

Still, an elderly person can enjoy a few more things with additional freedom. Maybe there really is a reason to travel more often when you retire. This is the time when your body can resist sickness better.

On an interesting note, older people have smaller and less sensitive sweat glands. This means that you do not have to worry so much about staining your shirt or blouse as often. That little annoyance is something younger people have to deal with often. Who knows what could be done with that information, but it is a positive change.

Growth of the Mind

One thing that an elderly person will likely hear from time to time is the myth that an older person’s mind might be declining. This is sort of true but only when one is talking about people dealing with issues such as Alzheimer’s or a similar affliction.

People who are healthy can expect something else. A study shows that older people may gain intelligence as they grow older. People’s ability to understand language and solve problems is heightened as they age.

Seniors have also formed ideas, which are clear to them. This helps a person formulate thoughts based on those fundamental thoughts.

This means that you still have the ability to think of something worth while. This might be the best time to write that novel that you have been itching to write, or this could be the right time to take that class you have been talking about for some time.

You should also know that this increased level of understanding also makes older people a little more competitive. No, you will not be attempting to challenge everyone that stands in your way, but it does make you competitive should you be challenged.

This might be a great time to join competitive work forces if you still want to to see how far you are willing to push yourself.

Yes, there are downsides to aging, but people who seem to perpetuate the idea that life diminishes when you age are wrong. As you can see, there is plenty to do and plenty life to live as you hit those golden years.

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Aging in Place Provides Better Options for Seniors

One of the newer options for adults in their older years is called aging in place. aging in place with a home care aideThis option can provide positive results for both the aging adult and his or her family.

Why Aging in Place Works

There are several factors that remain the same even as the person grows older. People who have lived independently throughout life often cherish the freedom independence brings. This love of freedom often causes seniors to resist moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. The senior does not want the restrictions that living environment places on his time or activities and does not desire constant supervision.

One of the beauties of aging in place is that the elderly individual continues to enjoy independence. Restrictions are limited to those necessary for the person’s well-being or health. Maintaining his independence increases his personal dignity.

A second benefit is that seniors enjoy familiar settings. If a senior owns his home or has resided in the same apartment for an extended period, he is often more comfortable in those familiar surroundings. Some seniors have special pets or important possessions they want to keep.

If health permits, seniors should not be forced to give up all that is familiar to them. Doing so robs the senior of a sense of pride in possessions and home and breaks a loving bond with a pet. By aging in place, the senior retains everything he finds familiar.

Moving a healthy senior to a nursing facility is often traumatic for him. He may lose his sense of taking an active role in his life and instead begin worrying about death and dying, leading to a major depressive episode. For many aging adults, aging in place is the best option for both mental and physical health. Seniors maintain a sense of control over their own destiny when they remain at home.

Aging in Place is Not Without Problems

Aging in place is not the right choice for all seniors, due to the physical changes that sometimes occur. The aging process brings problems that seniors did not experience in their younger years.

Forgetfulness is often an issue with older people. The seriousness of the problem ranges from forgetting to feed a pet or forgetting to take medications. Some seniors begin to forget to turn off burners, lock doors or other safety issues. When seniors live alone, such forgetfulness can be serious.

The aging process can also bring about frailty. Even though a senior remains healthy, he loses strength, becomes less limber and has slower reflexes than a young adult. These changes increase the risk of accidents and fall during normal activity.

The isolation of living alone can also lead some senior adults to issues with mental health. Without nearby family members or friends, loneliness can be an issue. With no one to visit or listen, it is easy for the senior to become depressed.

Sedentary lifestyles are also possible problems for the elderly. While they might seem happy reading or watching TV all day, regular physical activity is a requirement for staying healthy.

Families of seniors are often greatly concerned about these issues. Some family members become so worried about these potential problems, they are unsure aging in place provides a good option. Such family members often consider a nursing facility as the best alternative for safety.

Aging in Place Safely

Home care provides a great solution to the potential problems associated with aging in place. With home care, seniors enjoy their older years while remaining safe and healthy.

Home care aids help to eliminate many of these problems. The aide can complete many tasks to ensure the senior’s safety. The aide might tidy the home, cook meals, provide assistance with bathing, secure windows and doors and perform many other tasks.

The home care aide also helps to resolve issues with loneliness. Nonmedical aids provide a good companion for the individual. Seniors enjoy the companionship and are less likely to feel alone. The client and aide can enjoy their time together, sing, play games and read aloud.

Home care aides are trained in the kinds of activities that are suitable for the senior. When clients are able to take walks or follow exercise routines at home, such regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles and limbs. Regular exercise also provides a positive benefit on the person’s mental health.

Hiring a nonmedical home care aide helps to eliminate many of the family’s worries. With the assistance of the aid, the elderly family member continues enjoying the benefits of life at home while eliminating the risks of living alone.

Each Senior Is Unique

The aging process affects seniors differently, so it is impossible to develop a one size fits all program. This means fewer seniors require nursing home care but also means programs should be customized to match the senior’s preferences, personality, and needs.

For aging in place to work, it is essential to match the senior with a home care aide who is a good fit. The senior enjoys a better experience and families see better results when the aide and senior adult are compatible.

Just because you are growing older does not mean you must give up all that is familiar. By finding a compatible home care aide, your senior can enjoy more healthy years at home. This provides positive benefits and allows seniors to retain their independence. The result is a happy individual who is also safe.

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Meals on Wheels: A Program Worth Fighting For

Not many programs were birthed from the heart and perpetuated by the human spirit like Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels recipient and volunteerThe program brings much needed assistance to millions of seniors. It seems impossible that the program could be threatened by an administration or circumstance and yet it is.

The True Value of Meals on Wheels

The concept behind this program originated in the United Kingdom. It started during the Blitz, where many people in the country lost everything.

Homes were destroyed during these trying times, but the people behind the Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defence saw an opportunity to make a difference. The idea was to simply bring prepared food to people who needed it, which is how the program started.

The program has transformed over the years and through different cultures, but the core idea remains the same: to help people. The program delivers food to the needy, to those who cannot prepare their own meals, and to elderly people.

Meals on Wheels did not officially arrive to the United States until 1974, and many welcomed the program.

The program is under attack under the new President of the United States. It seems that the current administration believes the program is not being run correctly. The officials seem to believe that Meals on Wheels is not targeting the people that need this service the most, which makes it ineffective.

These statements were made as the administration announced that it was planning to cut funding to Meals on Wheels. It should be noted that the program is already suffering. Data shows that the program, as a whole, has had to reduce the number of meals delivered by 23 million since 2005. This is on top of the fact that the program’s waiting list is growing, which shows just how greatly the program is needed.

Some will likely point out that Meals on Wheels will be just fine without the financial support it receives from the government. There probably is some truth to that since the program’s budget states that only around 3 percent of its revenue comes from the government. Most of the program’s revenue actually comes from companies and good-hearted people.

The problem here is that the program can use all the help it can get. Charities and other similar initiatives are always going to give more than they receive.

It is very hard, some might say impossible, to make a profit from helping people. Furthermore, no charity should really begin by hoping to make a profit off of giving but rather give as much as possible. The key thing to understand is that the reward is that people are ultimately helped by the program.

Meals on Wheels delivered 219.4 million meals in 2015. That is a large number, and it also represents the number of victories this program has had. For the administration to say that this program shows no results is quite a stretch.

The Other Side of Meals on Wheels

There are additional services that Meals on Wheels provides that some may overlook like companionship. Many seniors that are visited by the volunteers of this program are lonely and rarely get additional visitors.

Human beings are naturally social creatures, so giving lonely seniors an opportunity to meet with others should have a positive effect on some.

It should be pointed out that some people cannot prepare a meal without considerable strain due to some type of disability. Forcing people with debilitating afflictions to prepare their own meals by stripping away help could actually put some of these people in danger. Many people know that elderly people have been known to trip or fall, which could be fatal.

Meals on Wheels helps minimize the need for an elderly person to have to cook, and it provides a visitor who will also make sure everything is okay.

Some seniors also have trouble knowing if food is safe to eat due to afflictions that hinder the sense of smell or taste. This puts the senior in unnecessary risk. Thankfully, the good people in this program help feed some of these people. Seniors are happier with the assistance and also get to eat healthier, too.

No one is saying that the program is perfect. There are surely a few changes that can be made to target more people who are in need of help.

There are bound to be changes in policies that could make Meals on Wheels an even more effective program. Perhaps, some of these policy changes can connect the organization to the people who need it. It should also look for people who want to be involved.

Change should be welcomed because the goal should always be to improve, but cutting funding is a step backward. Cutting funding seems like it would hurt the program rather than help it.

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Fun and Good Health for Boca Raton Seniors

It can be difficult growing older, especially if you have lost your lifelong friends and family members. The isolation can cause extreme loneliness if you live alone. If you live in or near Boca Raton, you do not need to be lonely or bored. You can have good health and good fun in Florida.

Florida Has Activities And Events For You

When you want a day of adventure without traveling far, Boca Raton’s Mizner Park has many opportunities. Elderly woman out with aideKnown as a lifestyle center, the park has a Museum of Art, an art gallery, an iPic movie theater, a variety of restaurants where you can have coffee or a meal, and stores. You can also sign up for notifications so you will be aware of special events held in the park.

The Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park offers a nature center, a waterpark, an amphitheater, and a golf course. If you want to take your pet out for the day, there is a dog park, too.

When you live in Palm Beach County, you may be attracted to the local beaches. While there are two miles of beautiful beaches on the coast, there is more for you to do than relax on the sand. One example is the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex located in Red Reef Park. You can enjoy the boardwalk trail, the butterfly garden, and sea tanks.

When you want to treat yourself to something special, consider a day at the spa. Your city has many spas from which to choose. The Balance spa, the Eden Day spa, and the Maui Spa & Wellness Center are some examples.

DuBois Park is a great place for water sports. You can stay strong, limber, and healthy with low-impact water aerobics, as well as swimming and even snorkeling. You can have a picnic on the beach, go kayaking, and fish in the fishing holes.

Good Times In Broward County

If you like to browse and shop at flea markets, Pompano Beach has the largest one in the United States. The Festival Flea Market Mall is an all-indoor flea market that has more than 500 merchants and retailers with booths, pushcarts, kiosks, stores, and boutiques. The Mall offers restaurants, too, and is open every day of the week.

For a cultural experience, you can try the Museum of Discovery and Science. You can meet turtles, alligators, and otters up close, learn about Ecoscapes, view Florida’s fauna and animal species, and more. You will find this museum in Fort Lauderdale.

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is the perfect place to enjoy ballet, live musical performances, and other exciting events. The Center also offers adult enrichment classes, where you can study dance, music, and the arts.

AirboatUSA is great for people of all ages. Even seniors who use wheelchairs can enjoy many activities. You can go on a genuine safari through the Everglades, and it is the perfect place for photography and fishing.

The Bonnet House & Gardens is another attraction you will like. You will be impressed by the beautiful botanical gardens, and will even see wild monkeys roaming freely.

Duck Tours will make you feel like a kid again. It is a fun way to sightsee throughout the city of Fort Lauderdale. Seniors love Duck Tours as much as children.

It Is Safer, And More Fun, When You Are Not Alone

The coastal area of Florida is a wonderful place to live during the senior stage of your life. However, when you are thinking about all of these events, attractions, and activities, you may have some additional concerns. You want to make the most of living in Florida, but none of the activities are as much fun if you do it all alone.

You can have a home care aide for companionship. Senior activities are much more enjoyable when you can share them with a special person. Each outing will be an exciting adventure with your aide.

Safety may be another concern. If you are worried about venturing into unfamiliar areas by yourself, you will not have this concern when you have a home care aide. Your aide will ensure your safety when you are going out for meals, attending special events, and participating in activities.

If you are like many seniors, you may not have your own transportation. Perhaps you do not have a car, or you do not like to drive. You may not want to rely on buses or call a taxi cab when you want to go out for the day. Your home care aide will be happy to drive and accompany you to events in and around your community.

Boca Raton Elderly Home Care

Many people think of home care in terms of health and safety issues in the home, and assisting seniors who are frail. These are only a few benefits of elderly home care. Active, healthy seniors appreciate aides, too.

Isolation and loneliness can be quite harmful to elderly persons. While many seniors today enjoy all the benefits of living in their own homes, it cannot make up for the sense of loss when they no longer have loved ones in their daily lives. Home care aides cannot replace family members and old friends, but they quickly become a senior’s special, trusted friend.

If you are a senior living in or near Boca Raton, or are concerned about a family member who lives in the area, consider all the benefits of an aide for elderly home care. The golden years can be a safe, rewarding experience. Seniors can look forward to fully participating in their communities, and staying active in their everyday lives. A home care aide is the ideal solution for seniors who want to avoid isolation, and enjoy this all-important stage in their lives.

With so much to offer, seniors in south Florida never need to be lonely or bored. These are only some of the many attractions, events, and activities available in this part of the state. You can enjoy your life much more, and never need to be alone.

Boca Home Care Services has been matching seniors in Palm Beach county and Broward county with compatible screened and certified home care aides since 1998. Call them for information: (561) 989-0611

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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for a Senior Citizen

How do you determine the best smartphone for seniors? Their priorities related to a mobile phone are somewhat different from a teenager. smartphoneThey are not looking for hours of entertainment, gaming and chatting through various social media apps. Their first priority is to be able to talk to their loved ones, friends and colleagues. They do not want to fumble with multiple options just to make a call or send a message. You have to choose a smartphone that has the right size, features, and functions for seniors. Following are some important things to consider when buying such a smartphone.

Two Types of Cell Phones for Seniors

The first type of cell phones for seniors has the small form factor, large physical buttons, and a small screen. It is suitable for senior citizens who may find new age smartphones difficult to use. They do not want to fumble with apps and tapping functions. The second type of cell phones is usual latest smartphones that most people now use. The only difference is that you have to choose a smartphone that will be easiest to use by a senior citizen.

Specific Problems Faced by a Person

First of all, you have to determine what type of physical problems a person faces. It can be as simple as being unable to look at small letters and as complex as unsteady fingers. Most smartphones now have not so obvious touch buttons and push buttons. A flip phone may not be suitable for some individuals who face difficulty infrequently opening and closing a device. Learn about specific problems faced by a person and determine the right smart phone accordingly.

Easy to Use Functions

This is the first priority of seniors. They are looking for intuitive and user-friendly features that are easy to find and operate in a smartphone. All basic functions of a simple feature phone should be present in the smartphone. It should not be so difficult that the user has to frequently seek help from others just to know how to call, how to send a message and how to read a message. Frequently used apps should be easy to find, use and operate. A high-resolution screen is always better because it helps avoid eye strain. Bright colors and sharp images make it easy to read letters and view images clearly. The smartphone can be used outdoors even during the daytime. Now very few smartphones have large buttons. However, you have to buy such a phone if it is a priority.

Limited or Simplified Features

Smartphones designed especially for seniors have intentionally limited features. This makes it easy to find the required features quickly and easily. Even if a smartphone has lots of features and functions, it should be easy to find frequently used features and functions. Basic command functions and menus should be easy to operate. One way you can simplify it for them is to install apps that are specially designed for seniors. These apps have limited and easy to use options, menus, buttons and links.

Assistive Features

Individuals who suffer from some physical health problems need devices that incorporate assistive technologies. In such a case, you have to first know the health problems faced by the person. A person may have poor eyesight but no problem in the physical handling of small devices while another person may have good eyesight but face difficulty in using digital buttons and other functions of a smartphone. Some smartphones let users amplify the sound if they have hearing problems. It should be easy to start the phone, make calls, and send and receive messages. Any emergency dialing feature should be displayed prominently after starting the phone. It helps notify family members or caregivers in case of an emergency. Seniors under treatment look for a device that alerts them to take their medication at the right time.

Affordable and Easy-To-Use Smartphone Plans

Telecom companies offer different types of plans. Some plans are very complex and not suitable for seniors. They want simple and affordable plans for basic calling and data usage. A reasonable service plan that is easy to check, manage and monitor is best for seniors.

Each person has a different set of physical limitations. Determine those limitations and find a smartphone accordingly. Generally, look for a clear and bright display, built-in voice commands, good speakerphone quality, SOS button, lightweight, long battery charge holding capacity, easy to hold device size and non-slippery body. The call and data plans should be easy to manage and monitor whether it is a phone purchased under a yearly plan or an unlocked phone with a prepaid plan.

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