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Thank You For Taking Care of My Brother


I received a call from the brother of our client, Dan L, who recently passed away.  Mr. L’s brother stated that the caregivers we sent to his family, both Dan and his mom, Helen, are all excellent.  He stated that he was very pleased with the care that Jose De Joie and S. Charles provided to his brother before he passed away.  He stated he was touched that they both attended Mr. Ls’ funeral to show their respect. 

Mr. Alan L is planning to make a donation to the Hospice that his brother Dan supported on the behalf of both Jose and S.  He wanted the acknowledgement of the donation sent to us to be forwarded to them as a surprise. 

Because he is pleased with the care we have provided to both his brother and his mom, he would like to make us his homecare of choice for his 93 yr old father-in-law who lives in Delray Beach when he needs assistance.

Natalie L, MS MHA
Assistant Administrator
United Elder Care Services dba Boca Home Care Services


It Was Nice to Hear!

I was over Mr. Lloyd S’s home today. He made it a point to tell me how great his aide is. To quote him, he siad that “Andre is more than anyone could expect of an aide, he even massages my feet.”

Alan K
Insurance Coordinator,
United Elder Care Services dba Boca Home Care Services

Actual Client Testimonial


Dear Staff,

Many thanks for assigning wonderful Jennifer M. as my home health aide. She not only cared for me, but was so kind and compassionate regarding my daughter and granddaughter. Aside from physically assisting me, she imparted helpful philosophical and psychological knowledge and always made me laugh when I felt like crying. She became part of my life.

Sincerely, Natalie N.


Dear Ms P

I wish to express my gratitude for the great service that You provided during my recent stay in Boca

Also please express my thanks to the coordinators Ann, Millie and Adian. They also showed their professionalism on the day when I called them about a problem and they resolved it immediately and professionally.

Ms. Hyacinth S, the aid that you had taking care of me for my both recent stays is just nice,very caring and the best help one can have.

Aid Monica even though I only had her taking care of me for one week turned out to be very capable, nice and caring.

Wishing You all the best health so you can continue doing this good job.

With warmest regards,
Greg W- Brooklyn, New York



By Karen R, Ft. Lauderdale

I want to say thanks for working with my parents and husband to help them utilize the services available to them. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and understanding since this is new for me.


By Ted J, Boca Raton

Most of the time when people sit down to write a letter, it is to air a complaint. We do not sit down enough to compliment on a job well done!!

Your employee and nurse, Lisa P., has been tending to my healing process for several weeks now and has done an outstanding job. She not only helped my wound heal, but took the time to explain everything to me and always offered encouragement. In fact, she found something the doctor overlooked, several stitches were still in the wound that did not dissolve and the doctor was praising her finding them. She saved me from further complications and infections. I am and will be grateful to her, she truly is a caring person, wonderful nurse, caring human being and a valuable employee for your company.

I must also say, when Lisa was off, all of your employees did an excellent job.

Thank You

By Anonymous

Dear Joseph: Thanks for all that you have done for my mother and I for the past three years. You are one of the kindest, caring, people that I have ever met.

Joseph B, A True Professional!

By A caregiver in Boynton Beach, FL

I was impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of Joseph B.


By Ronnie B, Delray Beach

I will always appreciate and remember what you did for us.

Outstanding Service!

By Michael M, Boca Raton

I have never dealt with a more polite and kind staff. Your company should be automatically accredited based on the outstanding service I received.

Thanks for the info and advice!

By Amanda, Palm Beach Gardens

Do you get a lot of inquiries from the West Coast? I came up to Portland 4 years ago and was in California 13 years before that. I could not find much info re: Florida retirement out here which is why I went through my Stanford directory to find contacts in Boca etc. which led me to you ultimately (thankfully). I am really interested in this whole LTC industry right now from a marketing perspective. It was way more difficult to figure out the options and get unbiased info than I would have imagined. The lines are so blurred b/w IL/AL/CCRC right now. And although a lot of the Senior directories offer info/advice they don’t actually have any info from experts or reviews from people who have been “on the ground” (oh and they only represent those that pay them). Seems we should have the same type of top notch resources for getting the scoop on LTC that we do for schools and apartments.

In terms of your company it was one I had found online and bookmarked it. Then when I called Boca Home Care Services and was transferred to a social worker that is super impressive in setting you apart. Honestly so many of the places are just staffing agencies. And my bias is also that I don’t want to talk to any more medical “ only” types b/c they are so focused on the specifics and want my Mom in a nursing home for fear of falling. They just couldn’t see the whole picture with Dad’s needs and Mom’s wants in addition to her needs.

Anyhow, it’s funny Dad tells me “the best part about our independent living facility is the care — the aides and PT/OT are just top notch”. I had to remind him that those don’t come with the facility but from Boca Home Care Services- he was pleased to know that all could come with them if they moved one day 🙂

Great Job

By Christina T, North Palm Beach

I spoke with Rina’s husband today and (in addition to scheduling some therapy for her)
he said many nice things about BHC about how we take such great care of his wife and everyone in the office is always very attentive/responsive to his needs. He sounded very positive and determined that his wife would get stronger soon as a result of our care and thanked us very much.

With My Deepest Gratitude

By Budd Z

I am writing to compliment you and thank you for the services provided by Boca Home Care Services. Our case worker was a friend, confidante and counselor for Betty Z, my mother. Betty was nearly blind, with significant balance and coordination issues but totally in a state of denial. We initially hired BHCS to evaluate and assess her ability to safely live alone, insure she was getting adequate nutrition and hoped your weekly services would supplement her desire for independence. Sherry and I both believed she was an accident waiting to happen and barely 6 weeks later it did.

After a hospital stint and 6 weeks of a rehabilitation stay, your GCM was able to reason with a previous unreasonable mother that safety was our biggest concern and her choices were independent living in either Florida or closer to family in Santa Fe. She helped convince our mother that an ophthalmologist may offer some vision improvement.The results of a 20 minute optical surgery was nearly 20/20 return of eyesight in the one salvageable eye. Keeping her on the path to independent living, as opposed to assisted living as several care givers and her new facility had suggested.

I am pleased to inform you that Betty is actually enjoying the independent facility in Santa Fe and has had more social interaction in the last four months than in the last ten years. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone even considering the possibility their parent needs an intervention of this nature. I wish you all the success and truly believe you offer a wonderful service to the elder folks in Florida.

Thank You!

By Sandy M

Yvonne is an extremely competent, professional and experienced aide who helped me both physically and mentally during my recovery from bilateral knee replacement surgery. Her skills are excellent and she is very compassionate. This was the first time that I was not able to take care of my own basic needs and she treated me with great respect. She was also very helpful in encouraging me to do my home physical therapy which was necessary for complete recuperation.

My thanks to you and Boca Home Care Services. I will certainly recommend Boca Home Care Services to anyone who needs assistance.


You All Are Wonderful!

By Bea , Boca Raton

Thank you very much for taking me on my road to recovery. Your nurses, your therapists (whomever I spoke with) were generous and caring beyond anything imaginable.

I can never thank you enough and wish you well. My greatest “THANKS”


Thanks For The Support!

By Marcie M, Fair Lawn, NJ

Your support has been invaluable to this family and you are a credit and tribute to our profession.


Joseph B’s endless devotion

By Steven F, Delray Beach

Joseph’s seemingly endless devotion and attention to detail allows him to accomplish easily what others only struggle to achieve. His knowledge of available resources is impressive. I have repeatedly observed him take the time required to bring a just resolution to many adverse situations.


Ethical Conduct!

By Phyllis S., Boynton Beach

While presenting a gentle thoughtful exterior that makes him easy to work with, Joseph is a man of strength who is exemplary in his ethical conduct.


Going The Extra Mile

By Debra N, Boca Raton

Joseph is a very caring social worker. He makes sure he sees the job through until the end or as far as he is able to. I recently had two Home Care cases in which they required a significant amount of assistance. Joseph spent a lot of extra time working on placement for one patient, which meant communications with doctors and nurses, patients, families and nursing homes.



By Shaon W, Deerfield Beach

Thanks so much for your help. I will let you know what I found out…I really appreciate you, not even servicing the area, being the only one who took the time out to respond…if I can let your higher ups know how lucky they are to have you…let me know…I would love to tell them how great you have been to me…thanks again…


You Were Always There!

By Anonymous

From the time that my mother needed an evaluation, to helping her with placement in a nursing facility, to her passing, you were always there with emotional support and decision assistance for all of us. You are a true professional in Elder Care, to the elder as well as the family. During a difficult time in a child’s life your guidance and compassion was always available. You made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation by assisting me with difficult decisions; always making sure that the decision was mine and one that I could live with.

Many Thanks!

By Elliot M, Boynton Beach

Dear Lisa. Many thanks for your kind thoughts and expressions of condolence on the loss of my father. You have been an amazing and outstanding person through all of this: every arrangement you made to help my father and Helen was nothing short of the highest quality. My dad was extremely happy after Boca Home Care and Lillith and yourself came upon the scene and literally took charge. Be aware, there was no way that I could have handled this. Two of my colleagues have already asked me for your number as they have elderly parents in Florida. Many thanks again!


Very Happy With Boca Home Care

By Mary

Hi Joseph,

Mary wants to say that she is very happy with Boca Home Care. Nathalie is very professional and very sweet. Ted M referred her and she wants to wish you and Lisa a happy Sabbath.r and


Totally Satisfied

David D. called to let you know that they are totally Satisfied with the 2 caregives, he give them each an A-plus.
Millie V , Coordinator



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